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Raices y Alas Flamenco Project

The Vancouver, BC-based Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project was conceived by artistic director Andrea Williams as a platform for the exploration of the traditions of the art of flamenco and its contemporary expansion in Canada – fertile ground for cultivating the evolution of flamenco as a globally-recognised art form.


While some artists in Europe are pushing the art form forward into new ground, the boundaries of flamenco and its potential for growth are only beginning to be tested on the Canadian dance landscape. The Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project is an important contributor to Canada’s part in this ongoing international exploration and has toured twice across the country.

The Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project is a growing, experimental flamenco performance series. Since its theatre debut in 2010, it has given participating artists (flamenco and non-flamenco alike) a unique opportunity to present new and avant-garde material.


Photo by Dayna Szyndrowski


Arte Desnudo Salon Series February 8, 2019

Arte Desnudo is a stripped-down contemporary flamenco production by the acclaimed Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Havana Theatre for an intimate, refreshing and innovative return to the roots of the company's origins celebrating nine years of captivating performances.


The Flamenco Project

2018 Newfoundland Tour

Raíces y Alas is known for their provocative approach to the age-old art of flamenco. Originating in the South of Spain incorporating dance, music, singing and percussion, flamenco is admired throughout the world for its emotional power and its dynamic, complex rhythms. Flamenco never fails to stir the soul and Raíces y Alas is no exception.


Festival of New Dance

St. John's, Newfoundland

Residency, Performance & Workshops (2018)

Newfoundland Residency with Neighbourhood Dance Works and the Arts and Cultural Centre – Year 2


delMar (2017)

This multimedia collaboration between percussive dancers centres around the theme of water – its sounds and movements, the forms it takes and the stories it inspires. Essential to life but with the force to destroy, the lure and fear of water informs legends, folk tales and spiritual traditions. Water is pivotal in the history of humanity. From solid ice to ethereal mist, the forms it can assume are as varied as human experience. True to the group’s reputation, del Mar combines traditional elements of flamenco with unexpected modes of music, dance and visual expression.

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