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Calle Verde

Calle Verde was established in 2014 as a group of flamenco artists steeped in tradition, but not necessarily traditional. Calle Verde is a forum for experimenting with musical and choreographic ideas that soften the boundaries between flamenco and other forms. Our aim is to present works that are authentic to our experiences as artists, acknowledging our backgrounds and influences, while maintaining a deep respect for traditional flamenco forms and expressions.

Our open-minded approach allows us to flavour our performances with unconventional influences. Calle Verde operates from a transitional crossroads, where flamenco intersects with other genres like pop, samba, and jazz.

Calle Verde is Peter Mole (Guitar), Maria Avila (Dance, Singing, Percussion) and Michelle Harding (Dance, Percussion).


Photo by Audrey Bow


liminal is performed by one guitarist (Peter Mole) and two dancers (Maria Avila and Michelle Harding). It is an exploration of the in-between space that separates waking and dreaming, our conscious and not-so-conscious experiences. The three artists start with the sensation of waking from a dream and they explore the tension between lived experience and the mechanisms by which we integrate and process our experiences through the lenses of memory and imagination. liminal explores this transitional space between embodied experience and the creative process that infuses it  with personal meaning – the space that connects the life of the body with the life of the mind.

liminal premiered at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival in 2017 and was again performed in collaboration with New York's Pajaro Negro in 2018 at the Victoria Flamenco Festival.

el mar contempla

el mar contempla was conceived, created, produced and edited by videographer Audrey Bow.

Video Coming Soon

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